Why Build a New?

Why Build a New?


Personalize Your Home:   It's the biggest investment you will make – “Have it Your Way"


Less Maintenance:  New homes have NEW operating systems, like plumbing, HVAC, appliances, etc. vs. existing homes


Energy Efficient:   New technological advancements make new homes energy efficient


Convenience and Comfort:  New homes have the latest new appliances, new windows, and new product technologies.  Newer products means less maintenance & repairs, giving you more time to enjoy with your family.


Built to CURRENT Codes:   These new Building standards & codes provide more protection giving you more piece of mind that your home is safe, durable, and meets local building codes especially designed for your area.


Warranty:  You can have peace of mind with manufacturer’s warranties for appliances, doors and windows, furnaces, and A/C units that were all built to last.  At Keim Corp. we also provide you with a one (1) year warranty to address any issues with workmanship that you may discover after you close on your home.   In addition, we offer a ten (10) year warranty coverage on STRUCTURAL items.


Healthier Indoor Environment:   New homes have healthier indoor air quality and can improve your family’s health.


PRICE:  Although a new home may be slightly more on the front end – in the long run – you’ll save money on energy bills, operating costs, and yearly maintenance!


Enhanced Electrical Systems:  Our lifestyles have changed and we are adding more computers, audio/visual entertainment, gaming systems, etc., our electrical systems and designs need to be able to keep up the demand.  Some of the electrical systems found in older homes are simply not sophisticated enough to handle today’s modern technology.


The fact that you are the one and only person who has ever lived in this home creates a special feeling of pride.  It’s YOURS only…built for you…to your specifications.


At Keim Corp, we encourage you to make the smart choice for your family and “BUY NEW”.


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